Spring inspiration

Yes, we are gearing up for a huge snowstorm tomorrow.
Yes, it's going to be a high of 24 tomorrow and a low of 2.

But I don't care, I've still got Spring on the mind! I can see the buds creeping out of the ends of the magnolia branches. I can see the little snowdrops and crocuses pushing their way up out of the soil. The sap is running, it's coming, it's coming.

So, as of late I've been having so much fun planning my spring capsule wardrobe. I've got a pin board for outfits and one for color palette inspiration. Let's take a look, shall we?

First of all, my color palette. Coming up with a color palette has been so helpful for me. It guides me when I'm shopping, it keeps my wardrobe cohesive, and it helps with versatility. This spring, I'm bringing back the navy, white and gray that I've been wearing all winter, but I'm also looking forward to throwing in some little pops of color. I'm thinking cranberry, or even an orange-y red, my favorite mustard yellow, and green. 

I figure that these colors will be mostly in the form of accessories, scarves, jewelry ect. My main colors will still be my good old navy, white and gray. But navy and green? Navy and red? Mustard and gray? So. Pretty.

Onto style...
First of all, I'm just crazy for midi skirts right now. This is the length I'll be rocking this season. 

I can't decide if I want a patterned one or a solid one. I've have found quite a few cute vintage ones on Etsy though! Here, here and here.

Ok, and let's talk shoes - I'm very excited to start wearing flats again. Either with boyfriend jeans, or tight cropped pants a la Audrey Hepburn.  

So many pretty shoes!!

I'm also thinking I might get some casual sneakers. I don't have any, and I'm liking the way they look either with a dress or skinny jeans. Right now, my favorite is the white converse look, but I'm not totally married to it. 

And finally, I'm really excited about prints this season. And for some reason, insect prints in particular. I already bought a really cute pair of pants from H&M that have moths all over them. And I found a pretty coral-colored blouse the other day at the thrift store which has little honey bees. These will both be in my spring capsule for sure. I need to be careful not to go overboard with the prints though. I do this, and then I end up with nothing but prints, and I can't mix and match!

So that's it for now. In a week I will be purging my closet, and pulling all of my spring and summer clothes out of storage. I'm pretty excited to see all the clothes that I forgot about from last year! I figure the only shopping I'll do is for a new skirt and some sneakers. I will definitely be posting about my process of shopping my storage and culling items from the winter. I seriously can't wait to put together a cheerful wardrobe for March, April and May!

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Sarah said...

I know what you mean about the dangers of too many prints -- I've got in the back of my mind that this is exactly the problem with my summer wardrobe right now.

That said, I can't wait to see how you style those moth pants! And I'm majorly jealous of your bee-shirt thrift score. :-)


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