My MVP: Most Versatile Piece

Today I want to talk to you about that one piece in my closet that is a real workhorse. My MVP - This may be different for different folks, but for me the clear winner is my little black t-shirt dress.

I have had it since my fall capsule wardrobe, I wore it during the winter, and I will definitely be putting it into my spring capsule! This dress is basically perfect. Let's just see some of the many (many!!) ways that you can style it.

First off - for warm days, just plain and simple.

It's chic and casual with sandals, perfect for being out and about. Throw on a cute hat and up the style factor

You can belt it and put on some fancy jewelry - perfect for a summer night out!

What about spring time? How about a punchy scarf and a denim jacket? 
Or under a stylish trench coat with some pumps? Very Audrey. 

In the fall  and winter you can layer it like crazy. Wear a shirt under it, a sweater over it, tights, boots, scarves. It's the perfect base for anything you can think of! 

I was very fortunate to find my holy grail dress on Thread-up. It was quite a find. It's Banana republic, and it's just a simple shift style dress in cotton. I will wear it until it falls apart and then I will probably cry. 

So tell me? What's your most versatile piece?

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Shea Sayers said...

I totally agree--this is such a versatile piece, and I love all the ways you can style it! Other than my jeans, I'd say my MVP is my navy stripe shirt.


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