February round-up

We've had a week of snow days here in Kentucky, so my outfits lately have been mostly yoga pants and hoodies :) We have been curled up by the woodstove when we're not venturing out to walk to the library like I was here

As far as my winter capsule, I am still enjoying putting together outfits! One item I wanted to talk about today was my mustard yellow cords. These have been such a favorite. At the beginning planning stages of my winter capsule, I knew I wanted to include at least one item that was mustard yellow. I'll admit it, I have a thing for 70s colors; avocado green, burnt orange... you get the idea. 

But, there was one problem, if I wear yellow, I look like I have the flu. Any shade, it just does not agree with my complexion. The solution? Either a yellow skirt or pants! Then I can still have my pop of color while remaining healthy-looking. These were my inspiration, from the blog et pourquoi pas Coline - I don't speak French but I LOVE her style!

I found the perfect pair, after much searching. They are by Levis, not too canary, a little stretch, good length. I just love the way that Levis fit! 

And they pair so well with so many things. Since most of my tops are fairly neutral looking, I can wear them with just about anything for a little color. 

The absolutely perfect Breton Stripe sweater by LL Bean, and navy flats

Navy waffle-knit sweater - I wore this with some slouchy boots. The kitten was being very helpful

And here they are actually on me with a vintage cardigan and some black booties. 


So, is anyone else thinking of the Spring Capsule yet? I decided to go ahead and put mine together over spring break in March. I'm just so ready! I've got a pinboard with some inspiration. I'm thinking lots of prints, skirts and dresses. So ready for winter to be over!


Tracy said...

Ah those are so great! I thought about including a pair of colored pants in my capsule but a) I don't already own any and b) I didn't feel like shopping for any ;) With so many neutral and versatile tops a pair of pants like that can really work for so many different outfits. Love it.

Alissa W said...

I love those mustard pants! My mustard sweater is one of my most worn items. I am in the midst of planning my spring capsule. I want to begin March 1, but the weather is not cooperating.

Sarah said...

Love those mustard pants! I have a pair of mustard cords that I've found surprisingly versatile and I'm drawn to some looks that are similar to the ones you've shown here (with gray, with Breton stripes, etc. And your French blogger is making me want to wear them with a deep bottle-green). I haven't worn mine in a while but they'll be in my spring capsule...which, yes, I have definitely started thinking about!

Anne said...

It's kind of amazing how versatile colored pants can turn out to be - I love the outfits you put together with these ones. Great color.


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