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For a little while now this blog has been on hiatus, simply because I got a little blurry about what it was for. I wasn't really sure why chronicling my day-to-day activities was really necessary, or even interesting. In the past, the things that have brought the most people to my blog were when I was focusing on specific topics, such as crafting or cooking. One thing in my life I've been putting a lot of though into, and telling all my friends about is my capsule wardrobe. So I've decided to share that here.

This has taken a lot of hemming and hawing on my part since I'm not a fashion blogger and never will be. Nor am I a great photographer. So, we'll see how actual outfit posts go! But the first step is to just post the capsule in it's entirety, and that I can do.
I've broken the items down by category.

First, t-shirts. I will say that when it comes to t-shirts I have a few duplicates. This is only for winter. I am in Kentucky and it gets darn cold here. Most of these t-shirts are layered under many things and are not seeing the light of day! So, in that case I've decided that they are mostly "undershirts", which don't really count.

Second, sweaters. I have a really hard time limiting sweaters. Did I mention it gets really cold here?! I will admit to maybe having a couple more than is pictured here. I need to weed out a few though. I'm finding that some of them I carried over from fall are just too light for winter.

Button-down or work shirts is the third category. I've actually swapped out that navy button down at the top for a more silky navy shirt, but that is probably only going to be noticeable to me.  Also, I will post them, but I've added two more colorful print shirts. My wardrobe needed a little color and cheer in this drab season.

Skirts and dresses. I have two dresses that can be very easily layered. One is a simple black t-shirt dress that is basically perfect for every single wardrobe. This is hands down one of my favorite pieces. I will of course be posting more about each of these, as well as discussing maybe why one worked or didn't work.

Finally, pants. I've got two pairs of black skinnies, one pair of navy skinnies, and one pair of gray. I'm switching out those crazy brown bell-bottoms for some mustard yellow cords though. In fact, I'm wearing them right now! They were a great addition too.

I realize that may sound like this isn't the complete collection, and it's not. I'm having a bit of trouble with winter. For some reason, fall was way easier. I'll be writing more about that in future posts for sure!

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Anne said...

So glad you've linked up with us! I feel you on the winter difficulties though - I was much more excited about the fall capsule because fall is just more fun to dress for in my opinion. And I decided the winter capsule needed to be slightly bigger because of all that necessary layering to stay warm! Good luck :)


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