Blouses and shirts and tops...oh my!

I wanted to post my complete set of button down shirts since yesterday came up a little short.
I love a good button-down. It looks professional. And I love to roll up my sleeves. You can pair it with a sweater for a preppie look, a vest for some academic style, or a blazer for maximum business.

(Pictures taken from Pinterest by the way)

So, it's a versatile piece. And versatility is the name of the game with capsules.

First up, I've got a standard white version from Banana Republic, which is awesome. Heavy linen, fitted, basically perfect.

I've got a polka dot version, for a little sass

And I've got a silkier, green one for some sophistication

Recently though, I've been really getting into printed tops. I've picked up a couple for the old capsule wardrobe at my very favorite thrift store.

A navy dot

And the most adorable little bird print evah

Check out the close-up

So cute!!!

And finally, a gorgeous Anthro find for my birthday. I love, love, love this shirt.

So those are my six snazzy mostly-for-work-but-sometimes-for-fun shirts!

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Sarah said...

That's a nice collection! You have seen that I am a sucker for Anthro bird-print shirts so I definitely appreciate that last one. :-) I like that you have a good mix of darks and lights, solids and prints -- plus the polka dot versions could act as "almost-solids." Good candidates for mixing multiple patterns within the same outfit if you like that sort of thing.


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