WIAW: comfort food for fall

It's getting cold here - and that means some time spent by the fire! We have a woodstove in our living room which becomes the favorite hangout spot for knitting, reading, and the favorite spot for all the pets!

This morning I snapped this photo of the leaves on my car... it's just cold and wet here right now which means one thing to me... comfort food!!

Definitely one of my biggest warming comfort foods right now is Pho, a Vietnamese soup that is soooo tasty and warms you right up. I swear I could eat this every single day!!

Another great comfort food? Chocolate of course!! This awesome pudding is made by throwing avocados, cocoa powder, maple syrup and cinnamon into a blender. It's ridiculously good, and fairly healthy. Good fats, and did I mention chocolate? mmmm...hmmm

Baked goods and coffee never hurt when the weather is less than perfect...

Another great thing about this time of year is it's pomegranate season!! I have an awesome recipe right here for pomegranate salad that is super tasty. My daughter and husband both fight over it every time I make it.

So that's it for the last WIAW of October!

Hope everyone enjoys themselves tomorrow! Happy Halloween!


Amee said...

Hi Amanda! I'm so happy you dropped by my WIAW post. Thank you! And your black kitty - so precious. Love the poocher too. That chocolate pudding looks like a "must make" to me when I start eating sugars again. Thanks for the idea!

Ksenija @ With An Open Mind said...

What a beautiful spot in front of the woodstove! I would love to make myself comfy with a book or some knitwork there.

Also you made me crave Pho now. One of the best foods in the whole wide world!


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