Friday Book Review: Macrobiotic cookbooks

For this Friday book review, I'd like to review a few cookbooks that I've been reading. I've recently started trying to eat a (mostly) macrobiotic diet and these three books have been very helpful. 

I found two books at Half Priced books the other day. The Kind Diet I've read before, and really enjoyed it. It has some great stories, advice and recipes. She helps a person work up to eating macrobiotic by introducing things very gradually. There is also a great website that goes along with it. The Kind Life. The diet she advocates is a vegan macrobiotic one, which isn't for everyone, but there is a lot of great info about just a macrobiotic diet. The main difference is that traditional macrobiotic diets include fish.

Now, Whole Grains for a new Generation I had never seen before. This was a really happy accident! After I brought this home I spent the whole afternoon reading it from cover to cover. This book is absolutely chock full of recipes that I want to make. Check out these recipes about just oatmeal!! (They are the ones featured on the cover)

And there's even more than that! Seriously, this book is amazing. I want to cook my way through the whole thing. I do want to add that while this is not a macrobiotic cookbook, it's still very useful because whole grains make up half of the macro diet. And it gives really great information about each grain, and how to cook them.

Finally, Mayumi's kitchen. This is a great book if you want a simple detox from your typical American diet. The book outlines a 10 day detox using Macrobiotic foods. It's pretty easy to follow, if you can find some of the more exotic ingredients. (different types of seaweed, or daikon radish for example) One thing I like so much about this book is that she uses leftovers from the day before. So many of these crazy diets have you cooking brand new things everyday, which is not realistic. You should cook everyday, but it's incredibly useful to have things leftover to use the next day. I've been doing that this week and it's great.

So that's it for my macro cookbooks, stay tuned for next What I ate Wednesday where I'll be showcasing some more macro foods!

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