Couch to 5k - still on week 1!

It's sad, but I'm still on week one of the Couch to 5k program. Like I said in my previous post about it, I'm not going to let myself move to Week 2 until I've done all of week one in a single week. I've been on about 5 runs at this point. Even though it's not easy, it does seem to be getting a little better each time. I really, really have to force myself though.

However, last night I went for a "run" (walk/jog/walk/jog repeat) and I slept like a rock. So, that's good right? Today is a yoga day. Tomorrow I will try to run again! I'm determined to get through week one this week!!

I am thinking that I need something to help motivate me though. People have said that signing up for a 5k helps as motivation. I know that if I actually get through the program in the time frame given, I should be ready  in 8 weeks. That would be right around Thanksgiving.


Sharripie said...

There's a 5K as part of the Light Up Louisville festivities. It also includes three short kids' runs. I bet you could do this. I find that signing up for a race helps me find the motivation to do my training runs.

maepress said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely look into that.

moragandme said...

You can do it! I agree - signing up for a 5K definitely helps with the motivation (and I would argue that as long as you can run for 3.5 or 4K, you could probably push through to 5 for the official run). My first (and only) 5K was a walk/run (you could choose to do either), which is a good way to go if you need to take it easy.


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