C25k review: Week 4 - take 2

Last week ended up being kind of a bust. I ended up running on Wednesday, but was practically limping by the end of it. My shins were killing me and my calves were cramping up. I guess I overdid it a little! I'm not sure if it was that or if I just wasn't warm enough. It's getting very cold outside right now, and my legs never felt warm at all during the entire run. Unfortunately, because I was in so much pain on Wednesday, I just rested on Thursday and Friday. Then we had an insanely busy weekend. I did make it to dance class, but I didn't do anything else.

And yesterday, which was Monday, and the day that I should be starting Week 4 again, since I didn't get through it last week... I did nothing. I worked for 10 hours yesterday, came home starving and tired. My daughter was begging for dinner, and it was getting dark outside. What was I to do? I put on some comfy clothes and ate dinner with my daughter. Then I graded papers for two more hours. Not the best day.

Tonight I'm going to yoga. I suppose I could try to run this afternoon, but after the fiasco last week, I think I'll just skip it. If I can do Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, I'll be back on track. This weather is making it SO HARD. Seriously, how do people run in the winter? I need some motivation, because I can already feel that winter sadness creeping in. Every winter I just want to hibernate and not do anything. I grew up quite a bit south of here, and it was sunny and relatively warm year-round. I don't think I'll ever become accustomed to the weather here.

How do you stay motivated in the winter? Any tips for running in the cold?

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