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The Lean Green Bean

I signed up for the foodie pen pal swap for the first time this month. Thanks so much to Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean for setting this swap up. It was so much fun! I told my partner that I loved local stuff and she came through with all sorts of goodies! I was super excited about these two non-food items

I actually love grocery bags, and its fun to now have one from Texas! When I took it to Trader Joe's the other day the woman at the checkout was really excited to see a bag she hadn't seen before. And this magazine is so great, we have a version here for Louisville and I read it religiously! 

Next up, some snacky stuff

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to snap one of the kettle corn and oatmeal cookie that she sent before the were snatched up by my family :)

Finally, she also sent some teas, which I loooove. And some really cool cucumber seeds. 

What an awesome package!! The one other thing not pictured is a bottle of Texas rainwater. That was possibly our favorite part of the whole package. Thanks so much Nancy!!

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Amy in Austin said...

I'm from Austin- and it's fun to see what other Texas people include in their boxes. We have a bag ban in our city, so everyone has to take their own bags to the store- you can never have enough! Fun box of stuff!


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