What I ate Wednesday- catchup edition

I've missed a few WIAW posts lately. Mostly because its the end of the semester, and I have scary amounts of work. But it was also Derby, which, if you don't live in louisville means nothing. But if you do live here you know that it's a two week long holiday. There's fun things going on almost every day. The kids even get a three day weekend!!  I love it. But you came here for the food right? So here goes...

For this WIAW I'm going to just talk about breakfast. I mean, everybody loves it right? Well, I've had some especially good ones lately. Here's my top three:

Third most awesome breakfast was one morning last week we went to dawn at the downs. This is where you can head down to the track in the super early morning hours and watch the derby horses practice. We go every year, and this year I made some tasty bacon and egg English muffin sandwiches to take with us. My friend made a thermos of coffee, it was a lovely morning.

Second awesome breakfast was with a friend at hipster coffee shop Please and Thank You. Seriously hands down the most amazing baked goods in the city! This breakfast was especially fun because I and skater girl had just attended a Nia class taught by my friend and then we went out for breakfast afterwards. We had eggs and cheese (jalapeƱo cheese on mine) on fresh baked brioche. And a side of fresh fruit.

But my top favorite breakfast of all was a seed swap brunch that I hosted! People brought plants and seeds to trade, and a dish to share. It was tasty and super fun. I made mini quiches

Fruit kabobs

And people brought all sorts of goodies!

I also made "dirt cupcakes" but sadly, these were eaten before I had a chance to get a picture!
I'll leave you instead with the mint julep cupcakes that I made for derby. Boozy goodness. Mmmmm... Enjoy your week!

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