Friday Book Review: Sad Desk Salad

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This week's book is a little out of the ordinary for me. I've been reading a few "fluffy" fiction books lately in anticipation of summer. It's been fun. And this one in particular was really fun.

This is a book about a blogger for a gossip website called Chick Habit (similar to Jezebel). The descriptions of her day to day existence are hilarious enough to justify this guilty pleasure read. She spends her every waking minute blogging on her couch in a muumuu, with breaks to run across the street to the deli to grab her "sad desk salad", only to frantically run back to her crazy cyberboss IMing her "WHERE ARE YOU?" I had no idea working from home could be so stressful! It's an excellent illustration of a life that would have literally been impossible ten years ago.

But the fun really starts to heat up when in one day she both realizes that there is a hate website about her and her fellow Chick Habit writers and she also receives an anonymous tip in the form of a youtube video showing a famous young girl genius snorting coke off her MIT robotics textbook. Conflicted between ruining this girl's life and getting the scoop of her career, she spirals into an insane anxiety filled couple of days. I won't ruin it for you, but there are crazy feminist terrorists, drunk 3am trips to the beach, boyfriend fights, and the ever present question - will she ever get out of her muumuu?

This book is hilarious. If you spend your days writing a blog, communicating with virtual strangers, you will love it. I would highly recommend this for your beach reading this summer!

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