A Day in the Life

I've been inspired by some day in the life posts around the blog world, here's my addition. Hope it's not too boring!

6:00 am: alarm goes off. The Oak Man gets up and turns it off. Sometimes he comes back to bed, sometimes he gets up. I stay in bed.

Our yard on a sunny morning!

6:30-7:00AM: Someone wakes me up. Sometimes it's the cat, purring very loudly if no one has fed him. i don't think he understands what purring is for. Sometimes it the hubs coming back from whatever it is he does in the morning (meditation? yoga? websurfing?), sometimes it's skater girl climbing into bed with me. Sometimes it's both, and they make a sandwich with me as "the peanutbutter" I love them, but I really hate being the peanutbutter, because I hate being woken up. At this point, I am defeated, and I get up.

Mr. Tubbs requires food, right. now.

7:00AM: Shower, hopefully alone. Some mornings the hubs joins me. He is a cheerful morning person, I'm not. I'd prefer to shower alone. (I realize I'm sounding like a total B right now, but I just need some quiet time in the AM!)  Nonetheless, he is un-phased  by my gloomy mood, he sings 80's songs with made-up lyrics and asks me things like "why do you shave your toes"? and makes the ridiculous attempt to have a conversation with me, every. time. When he does hop into the shower with me, I try to get out as soon as possible because he will start doing his neti pot, and that shit's gross!!

7:20AM: make sure the kiddo is up, get dressed. I generally have a hard time with this. I'm not great at picking out work clothes. Sometimes I'll go the full routine and put on make-up and dry my hair before breakfast, sometimes I don't. As you may be starting to see, my life generally lacks routine.

7:30AM: hubs gives us kisses goodbye. I'm finally happy to see him and he's leaving. Oh well.

7:30- 8:00AM making breakfast and lunches for both me and the kiddo. We usually eat the same thing for breakfast, like maybe yogurt and granola or fruit, but for lunch I usually pack us different stuff. She eats meat and I don't and I have access to a microwave. So she usually gets a turkey and cheese sandwich, some kind of snacky thing and some fruits and veggies. I'll maybe take some leftovers from the night before or some variation of salad.

I'm ready for my second breakfast now
<< interjection, Skater Girl's has her own morning routine, now that she's ten, I am realizing this as I'm reading other mom's day in the life posts, that it is soooo awesome that she can get herself ready in the morning! She mostly plays loud dance music, and brushes her hair a lot, I'm not sure what else she's doing>>

She definitely has her own sense of style!

8:00-8:15AM: Frantically run around for 15 minutes gathering up everything we need for the day, putting on jewelry, finish drying hair if I didn't already, can't find my keys, skater girl doesn't have shoes on ect... then we are out the door.

8:45AM: drop SG off at school

going to school

I'm a fabulous chauffeur

9:15AM: get to work.

9:15: my schedule depends a lot on my teaching schedule for that day. For example, this semester on Monday and Wednesday I had classes at 11:00 and 12:15, so I had a little time to chill in the morning when I got to work. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I was teaching at 9:30AM, so those days were always a little more hectic in the morning. My day at work generally goes like this:
  • teach for an hour
  • spend a few hours prepping for class, grading, reading eating
  • teach for an hour
  • repeat
  •  (we'll pretend it's a Wednesday - on T/Th I don't get home from teaching until  6:30pm) 

sad desk salad

3:30 go pick up SG from school

4:00 take SG to dance class (hip hop)

4:30 pick up some groceries (the grocery store is in the same shopping center as her dance studio, so it's very convenient!)

5:30 head home

6-6:30: grab a bite, read for a bit, change into yoga clothes and head back out to the yoga studio

7-8 yoga! (the hubs and I trade off evenings going to yoga)
This man is addicted to handstands

8:30: finally get to see family, but hubs is usually tired by this point. Now it's a role reversal of the morning routine, I am chatty and he's falling asleep :) We hang out with SG for a bit, we might talk about her day, help her with homework, practice dance moves, whatever.

9:30 SG goes to bed

9:30 - 10:30 hubs and I have couch cuddle time. We might watch the daily show or something and most nights he rubs my feet because he's awesome. 

Hubs usually falls asleep first, and I'll be honest, sometimes I stay up as late as 12, even though I really shouldn't. But I'm a night owl, and depending on my mood and if I'm reading a good book, sometimes I'll just stay up.

And that's it!

one of the things I love about being a professor is that my schedule changes a lot. I actually really hate routine. Right now, I'm finishing up my semester and then I'm off for the whole summer. So my day in the life post will read something like:
  • wake up whenever
  • swim
  • eat 
  • do other stuff
I can't wait!

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