What I ate Wednesday!

First, let me shout out a Thanks to the lovely Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for bringing the foodie love each week!

Let's see what sorts of greens I could come up with this week!

Well, although it's not edible - spring is bringing some green! I am sooo happy to see these little guys poking up in our yard!!

And the beautiful air plant that my friend gave me for my birthday is blooming!

But let's get to the food...

For breakfast I had some banana bread crumbled into a bowl of greek yogurt. This banana bread recipe came from one of my new favorite blogs, running with spoons. It's sweetened only with maple syrup, my favorite kind of baked good!

I've been enjoying a new tea too. This is an oolong tea, with lemon and ginger. Perfect for these stuffy headed days.

While making my lunch for the day, I had a little company! He's always very curious about what's going on in the kitchen.

Lunch was at work, as usual. But it was super tasty! A baked sweet potato topped with black-eyed peas, melted cheese and some really tasty salsa.

This is one of my all time favorite salsas!

Let's see, not enough greens yet... how about some homemade sushi!
A friend invited us over to make some sushi rolls. So much fun. She puts a little peanut butter on hers. if you've never tried it, you should, it is super yummy!

Finally, I got to snack on some bliss balls. This recipe came from another one of my favorite food bloggers, at Sweetness of Life. She has lots of these little treats, and I want to try them all!

That's funny, I just realized that the banana bread was called "Blissful Banana bread"! I may not be getting enough greens, but I'm certainly getting some bliss!

Hope you're enjoying the first signs of spring! 


Jess @ Jessiebear said...

Normally I'm so not a cat person, but that cat is ADORABLE. Also banana bread + greek yogurt? Sign me up.

maepress said...

Yes! thanks to the blogging world for that one... I never would have thought to mix the two - but it's amazing.

Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets said...

I love your little cooking companion. I have one too, although he's much heavier and actually tries to snag a bite of everything I'm making. It's become a battle royal in the kitchen every night.
Your baked sweet potato looks delicious, and your new plant is really cool looking. I too am thrilled to see crockus poppning up in the yard. Spring is coming. :)

coffeeaddictgreta said...

Your pictures are so beautiful!!
And your cat looks just like mine, only mine is gray - and acts alike as well! :))

verbsandvignettes said...

hahaha. i love that your "greens" weren't food, and that you transitioned into baked goods. ;)

your kitten is adorable!!!


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