What I ate Wednesday - where's the green!

The last WIAW of March. Generally I like March, there are so many things happening this month. But here in KY (and many other parts of the country) it's still cold, still dismal. It's not looking much like spring yet, sadly. Yesterday it was snowing.

So, in addition to the greens that I've been eating, I'm also going to post some pics of some cute greens that I've been seeing around my house! Just to liven things up, you know?

And thanks again to Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for keeping the food love alive!

Okay, so I bought some spinach this past weekend, and I've been doing my part to make it disappear, in the form of this pita sandwich for example. Made with marinated sauteed tofu, feta cheese,  tomatoes and avocado.

And this wrap that I had at work. I barely remembered to snap a picture of it before scarfing it down! It's loaded up with all kinds of goodness, sweet potatoes, carrots, hummus, more feta, and spinach. It was really good, and filling!

Finally, for dinner I made some quinoa pilaf with shitake mushrooms and sage, (served over a bed of spinach - getting bored yet?) and some roasted butternut squash and parsnips. I looooove parsnips. If you've never had them, roast some up at 400 degrees after tossing them with a little olive oil and salt (you can add some kind of spice if you like, I used Chinese Five spice powder. Rosemary is also tasty). They are so good!

And so, since winter seems to be sticking around, one of the ways I'm keeping myself from going crazy is by trying to do all the things that I will miss over the summer. Like building fires, or drinking minty hot chocolate! Hot chocolate and reading a good book by the fire can really brighten up most crummy days. And bonus, it's green!

I've also discovered another fun green thing, and that's this orla keily multipurpose cleaner. The scent is tomato vine! It actually smells wonderfully fresh. It makes cleaning my kitchen ALMOST fun.

I'll leave you with some green cuteness. This is my lunch bag that I take to work everyday. I like a little silliness sometimes.

And here's a drawing that my daughter gave me the other day. A very cute cactus!

Hope everyone gets to see a peek of sun today! I can see it out my window, hopefully I can spend some time in it today.

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