what I ate Wednesday

Tuesdays and Thursdays are a little crazy for me this semester. I teach three classes, but they are very spread out. My first class, Abnormal Psychology, is at 9:30am, my second class, Developmental Psychology, is at 12:30pm and my third class, Intro to Psychology is at 5:00pm. On those days I spend the hours between classes in my office, prepping and grading and eating (and creating blog posts!). Generally, in the evening I go straight from work to either yoga or hoop dancing class too, so I try to bring plenty of food and snacks with me. It's a looooooong day. But it's fun, since I get to teach three very different topics, to three very different classes!

So here's my eats on Tuesday, (this day rather than going to yoga I got to see Hyde Park on Hudson with my friend after work! Fun.)

For breakfast, which I sadly had to eat in the car, I had an english muffin with almond butter. And a cup of coffee which is not pictured. I was doing pretty well not drinking coffee for a bit until our crazy weekend. Hopefully I can get back on the tea drinking kick, but February is so grim, things like coffee and warm fires are what get me through!

For a snack, or breakfast #2, I had the rest of a container of plain greek yogurt with blueberries, and some carrots. Then off to teach class #2.

For lunch, I had a roasted acorn squash stuffed with leftover lentil shepard's pie. Super yummy.

Finally, before I went to teach class #3, I ate one of these bad boys. Seriously tastes like a macaroon, and doesn't seem the least bit healthy.

I also like to have some herbal tea while I'm doing my grading. I found this funny tin while I was thrifting, it says "chinese restaurant tea". Right now I'm using it to hold my teas in my office. And I'm still enjoying the Cleanse tea by Pukka.

Is it sad that I ate all these meals at my desk? Maybe. When the weather's not total crap, I like to eat outside. But it's February, so there's no point to even look outside!!

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jessielovestorun said...

You take the most gorgeous photos!!


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