What I ate (at work) Wednesday

Time for another installment of what I ate Wednesday! Be sure to head over to Peas and Carrots and check out everyone else's posts!

This month's theme is love your veggies, and apparently for me it's love your broccoli!

Breakfast started out with a almond butter and banana half-sandwich. Yum

Snack time included a new greek yogurt that I was trying, I had to get the passion fruit! (unfortunately, it was a little too sweet for my taste, so I probably won't be buying this particular brand again)

I mixed it up with the rest of my banana and some homemade granola. if you've never made your own granola, I urge you to try! This recipe is soooooo good, and so easy. It kicks any store bought granola's butt. And it makes your house smell heavenly! I added to this batch some fresh ginger and dried blueberries.

Lunch was leftovers of this delicious meal...

I sauteed a bunch of onion and mushrooms and a diced veggie burger. Boiled up some pasta, threw the broccoli in during the last two minutes of cooking. Then I tossed the whole thing in pesto sauce. This was sooooo good, I could have eaten my weight in it, no kidding.

And speaking of things I could eat my weight in, does anyone else feel that way about salmon? I LOVE salmon. And more broccoli please. (I also love me some broccoli)And Israli cous cous.

I could definitely add in some more veggies though. I'll try to do better!

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Cait said...

I saw that brand of greek yogurt at the store for the first time today. Usually I find greek yogurt to not be sweet enough for me so maybe i'll give this one a try. Happy Wednesday!


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