Cyclocross and a dinner party

This weekend was a total blur. The world cyclocross championships were held in Louisville.

I doubt that I even would have known this but Oak man's cousin is a big racer who lives in San Francisco and who had planned originally to come to Louisville for the race. It turned out that he couldn't, but his friends who had been planning on also coming, still came and stayed with us over the weekend. They were a super fun couple. It's always great to talk to folks from California, I feel like it's a completely different world. One that I envy, but yet, I do so love our life here. Oak man and I talk about someday having the ability to split time between the coasts, not sure how we could do it, but it might be fun.

She might have gone a little overboard with the filters!

Despite the incredible cold, (17 degrees!) and wet conditions, the race was a blast. Skater girl snapped some great photos before she got too cold and hungry and we had to duck out.

There were LOTS of funny hats

The racers had to run up these steep steps carrying their bikes

On Sunday, I went thrifting with a friend, and then we had a dinner party with the express purpose of setting up two couples. I am such a matchmaker with friends. I have lots of different friends that don't know each other and I love it when their paths cross. The dinner party was a great success and a fun way to end a busy weekend. I made my usual big massaged kale salad, but also made this lentil shepard's pie.

photo and recipe from the kitchn blog

This was soooo good. If you can roast the sweet potatoes ahead of time, even better, because it cuts down on cooking time quite a bit. This was a great meal to satisfy all palates, I was looking for something that could feel eight adults some vegetarians, one gluten intolerant and children both big and small. It worked!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the recipe says Soy or Tamari Sauce...if you used soy sauce, it has gluten.

maepress said...

I actually subbed Bragg's Liquid Aminos for the soy sauce for that reason - should've said so.


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