Weekend Recap

I went on a long overdue sewing spree over the past couple of weekends. Just to make some things around the house for fun. It's important to take some time out some days to just make something. That sense of accomplishment is so great.

First I made a coffee cozy for our french press. This is the only way that we drink coffee in the morning, and the Oak man likes to make the coffee and then leave it for a bit while he does some morning yoga. So he had been wrapping a towel around it to keep it warm. This quilted cozy is much cuter.

After finishing that I was ready to tackle a project I've been wanting to do for awhile, which was make a new make-up bag! I'm a bit intimidated by zippers, but starting to get more comfortable with them. I'll never forget my first zipper experience years ago, when I was trying to sew huge cushions for an outdoor seat. It was a nightmare, and I called that machine every name in the book. Now, thankfully I no longer have a hand-me-down but a real sewing machine that actually works and doesn't just eat thread.

Both of these projects were stash busting - bonus!

For the makeup bag I used some cute blue and white material that I had grabbed out of the remnants bin at Joann's

And the inside is a cute red and white polka dot that I can't remember when or where or WHY I bought :)

Happy sewing! I hope that you can take the time to make something this week, even if it's something small. (even if it's just cooking dinner - that counts too!)

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