It's Wednesday Again!

Seems like lately the only posts I have time for are WIAW posts! Oh well, it will all be over soon thank goodness!

First of all a shout out and thanks to the irrepressible Jenn over at Peas and Crayons - thanks for doing this!

And now the food!

One of my favorite coffeshops in town is the uber-hip Please and Thank-you. Of course I don't only love it because it's hip and adorable, but their food is soooo good. After a harrowing decision between fresh baked goodies and fruit and granola parfaits, I settled on this bagel with lox. Glad I did too, it was delicious!

Here's my work lunch from yesterday - a big salad with all sorts of goodies: bibb lettuce, peppers, carrots, avocado, tuna, pepitas,pears and homemade dressing of pear vinaigrette and toasted sesame oil! Yum.

Next comes some snackaroos, the first one was something that came to me when I was craving sushi. We have these seaweed flavored brown rice cakes, and I topped one with avocado, carrots and cukes. Sprinkled on top was some kim-chee rice seasoning. tasty and healthy!

And of course it's clementine season, I eat about three of these beauties a day in the winter.

Finally, for dinner last night I whipped up a batch of fried rice with tofu, carrots, peppers and a fried egg. My man had made a giant batch of brown rice earlier in the week due to this conversation:

Him: how much rice should I make? One cup?

Me; (from the other room): yes, that makes three cups. (meaning one cup dry = three cups cooked)

He took that to mean use three cups dry - so we ended up with 9 cups of cooked rice. Wow! eating a lot of brown rice this week!

Finally, I leave you with the cutest picture ever. We puppy-sat for some friends this weekend. the big fluffy white one is only 9 months old! They are so tired that they couldn't play anymore, just stare and the ball and half-heartedly roll it back and forth to each other!

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Julie said...

The dogs are adorable!


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