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I've been happily hopping yoga studios this month. So far I've visited three new ones. The first one I'm going to review is Orbis Yoga, in Clifton.

Orbis yoga is located inside the Clifton Center, a community center in the neighborhood of Clifton. The Clifton center has all kinds of interesting things going on, including dance classes, concerts, art and film showings. Orbis is located on the third floor in what used to be an old classroom. (you can tell by the blackboards on the wall, and the general look of the place).

The studio space is one big light and airy room, with a small area by the door to stash your things. They have mats and props on hand if you need them.

Orbis offers classes Monday through Saturday, classes offered include gentle yoga, beginning yoga, hatha, and Iyengar.  I chose to attend a lunchtime yoga class on Friday. These classes are offered at noon everyday and this one was taught by  Michelle. It's a 10 dollar drop in fee, since it's only a 50 minute class. Ordinarily their drop in rate is 15 dollars.

The class was small - just me and one other yogini. We started slowly, with some easy stretches and breathing, and worked our way up to a moderately paced vinyasa. Michelle chose to play some fun pop music, and that in combination to the sun streaming in through the windows and onto my mat, made for a class that was relaxing, uplifting and a great start to my weekend!

My visit to Orbis was a positive experience, the instructor was very friendly, and the atmosphere was welcoming. Prices are good too, you can get a 5 class card for $60, or 8 lunch and AM classes for $60, or a monthly unlimited for $80. They were collected food for the Dare to Care food bank, and offering a discounted price on classes if you brought food. 

Overall, this studio seems geared towards a slower practice, so if you are a beginner, it's a perfect place to start.  It's also fairly no frills, no altars, chanting or stuff for sale in the lobby (not that I mind these things of course). Unfortunately, it's pretty far from my house, so not convenient enough for me to drop in regularly. But I would recommend it if you are nearby!

Orbis also offers teacher training and will be hosting an Iyengar workshop in April, 2013.

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