New Yoga Challenge: Yoga studio Reviews!

I had a thought the other day that it might be fun to travel around to different yoga studios in town and check out some different classes/teachers. There's a few styles I've been curious to try (Iyengar, Kundalini...) so I figured the blog might be the perfect vehicle to allow me to write about these new experiences.

There already are some pretty good resources out there for finding yoga studios in Louisville. Yoga instructor Cat Larimore has two resources on her blog:  a calendar of many classes around town and a map of many of the yoga studios in Louisville. 

I'm planning to choose about eight studios to visit and write up about. So far, the list I have includes:

Orbis Yoga

The Trilliquin center

Infinite Bliss Yoga

over in Indiana! - SunnySide Yoga
River's Edge Yoga

Eternal Health Yoga

Yoga on Baxter

Supreme Peace Yoga 

There are plenty of other studios in Louisville. I've chosen these specifically either because 1) I've never been 2) they offer a style that I'd like to try or 3) they are a small, new studio that may need some kudos

I'm not a fan of hot yoga, so I won't be reviewing any of those even though there's quite a few around town. Although, the Oak Man is a fan so maybe he can do a guest post!

This list should keep me busy for awhile though. I think I'll start tomorrow with a noon lunch yoga class at Orbis. I'm looking forward to my yoga buffet!

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