It's Wednesday again already?

wow, where did the week go!?

I guess that's what happens over the holidays! It was a fantastic holiday weekend though. We had a big "friendsgiving" potluck, and the weather was amazing, couldn't have asked for a better day. Then the rest of the weekend was spent putting up our Gnome Village, this is a holiday tradition my daughter and I have.  For quite a few years, our house was just too tiny to have a proper Christmas tree, so I decided that we'd make a Christmas town instead. SG and I add little houses that we find at the thrift store and handmade gnomes each year. Our special edition this year were little LED lights inside each house so we can light them up at night - it's so sweet! I promise I'll share some pictures soon.  Also, I've been knitting like CRAZY making hats to sell at my friend's shop, I need to post some pics of those too before I deliver them tomorrow!

But for now, onto the eats for this week!

Of course we were eating tons of leftovers from the potluck, just look at that spread! (and that didn't include the separate dessert table!)

Both sweet and savory home grown sweet potatoes, baked mac n' cheese, green bean bake, asparagus casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes, Jen's awesome crockpot cranberry sauce, roasted brussel sprouts with pecans, and homegrown shitake mushrooms with bulgar. Not pictured is a homemade loaf of bread brought by a friend that went so fast I didn't get to try it, and of course, the bird.

One of my favorite thanksgiving dishes is the green bean casserole. This year I made it with fresh green beans and baby bella mushrooms, it was so good!

Also, I've been munching on these, maple pecan pie bars. The recipe is here, in case you are not totally burnt out on pecan dessert recipes! They'd be great to bring to any holiday gathering I think.

I made a GIGANTIC apple pie too. A slice of that for breakfast the day after was simply awesome.

Of course after all that feasting I felt like I needed a detox, enter the healthy stuff! This is my new favorite tea.

For breakfast I've been eating a lot of homemade granola

And drinking this, yummy!

I also made a big pot of lentil soup on Sunday and I've been eating that all week for lunch (not pictured)

For dinner last night I made roasted broccoli and squash with brown rice and a veggie burger in a pita with some more veggies. It was awesome!!

I tried these veggie burgers from Trader Joes, they are pretty dang good I must say!

So, although I took a brief hiatus from the good habits, I quickly got back on track!

I'm looking forward to more holiday baking soon! I just love this time of year because my kitchen always smells delicious. Nothing works better to chase off winter blues than fresh baked goodies in my opinion.

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