yoga style

I made another bracelet yesterday, this one with a little yoga inspired charm. (The leather one I made a few weeks ago).

I have a few more of these charms, I'm looking forward to making a couple more bracelets. Since I'm having such fun I think that I may have hit on something to do for gifts this holiday season!

I've been thinking that it might also be fun to plan a little reward for myself if I am able to make it through my challenge. I've been needing a new pair of yoga pants and there are some really cute ones on Etsy! Here's a few...

sun salutation yoga pants by LycheeGrove

super comfy looking pants by Nicandthenewfie
cute looking pants w/skirt by HerbanDevi

I'm not sure how practical the little skirt would be in class, but it sure is cute! Has anyone ever practiced with this kind of pant? Does it ride up?

Fun stuff - I love yoga style, I would wear my yoga clothes all day if I could!

BTW - If you like this kind of thing, be sure to check out the blog Namastilo - a new blog from Lo who also writes at Y is for Yogini and Yoga Dork she does product reviews, peeks inside people's yoga bags, and all kinds of other fun yoga-style stuff!


Lo @ Namastilo said...

dear heart, thank you so much for the lovely shout-out! big x's + o's!!! :D

maepress said...

of course! love your blogs

Marina J Coaching said...

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RIAZ UDDIN said...

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