yoga challenge - Day 11

Still going strong on the October Yoga Challenge.  That's 30 minutes (at least) a day of yoga for 31 days.

I will admit that on Tuesday I didn't do traditional yoga. Skater Girl gave me the workout they do at her hip hop class. It incorporates a lot of stretches though. So, no I didn't exactly do yoga, BUT I was crazy sore afterwards. :) And I've also been taking some time out of my day to meditate and read this book

Yoga is really so much more than the asanas, or postures. It's a life philosophy. I've been trying to get up a little earlier each day so I can have a cup of tea and read this book. I'm really enjoying it so far. Like me, the author is also a psychologist, so I find the writing interesting on an academic level as well as reading it as a yoga practicioner.  So far he's discussed some Jungian philosophy that has intrigued me. Basically, he is stating that we all hit a point in our 30s where we have finished creating our external self, and our attention begins to turn inward, towards a more spiritual pursuit. For Stephen Cope, that pursuit takes the form of yoga. For others it may be something else. 

This part of the book really resonated with me. I feel like that's exactly what I've been doing. Practicing yoga purely as an exercise, to help me stay "fit" just doesn't really cut it as a reason anymore. It's not what keeps me coming back. What I am looking for is a sense of peace, of fulfillment, engaging all of my senses. I feel this way when I am out in nature as well. It's an interesting thing, to think that this is a life transition specific to my age. As Jung would say, I'm entering the "afternoon" of life.

something for me to ponder in the early hours while I'm sipping my tea - that is of course until a stray dog barking at our back door woke up our dog which caused her to tear around the house at full speed, including jumping on our daughter's bed. Which woke her up and then of course she wanted to sit with me on the couch and then so did the oak man. And then they are fighting over blankets, and he's trying to tell me about his annoyance with his coworker... I was left looking longingly at my book and tea.

But then a thought occurred to me, that this is simply what the day would bring. This is what the day decided this morning should be. Not what I had planned, but something different. Practicing non-judgement, I will think not that this morning is better or worse than the morning I had planned, but that it is just different. Check it out, 11 days in and I've achieved inner peace! Now I just need to focus on that peace lasting more than 30 seconds...

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