WIAW - vegan mail swap reveal!

Hello and welcome again to what I ate Wednesday!  This time around, rather than showing you some meals that I have been eating, I'm going to show you the contents of a foodie package that arrived on my doorstep yesterday! I participated in the Vegan Food Swap this month, which is hosted by Cat from A Verdant Life. The way the mail swap works is she will set you up with a person who will send you a box of vegan goodies, and then you send a box to your partner. Very fun. I was so excited to open it yesterday and here's what I found inside!

My package came from Rachel at My Naturally Frugal Family

So much great stuff! There was:
Israili cous cous and mango butter from Trader Joe's  - my favorite store, but I've never tried either of these foods, so that's exciting.

Then she also sent along an energy packet, I'm new to these sorts of foods, but interested to try it.

The sprouted pumpkin seed mix I've been munching on here at work, and they are addictive!

A sucker, which was promptly nabbed by Skater Girl, as if she won't be getting enough candy this week!

I'm super excited about these Kashi chocolate squares. I'm obsessed with all things Kashi, and buy a lot of their products, but I've never seen this one before. I also brought one of them to work with me for an afternoon treat.

And finally, I had mentioned that I love local foods, and she sent along some locally sourced cornmeal! Can't wait to cook up some muffins or cornbread with that this weekend!

Thanks so much Rachel!

Okay, just in case that wasn't enough foodie fun for you, here's a picture of an amazing kale salad I made for a get together recently

The greens are dinosaur kale massaged with salt and olive oil, and squirted with lime juice. Then I topped the kale with roasted butternut squash, carrots and parsnips (tossed with olive oil and smoked paprika, bake for 30 minutes at 400) Finally I topped it all with some crushed red pepper, pumpkin seeds and feta cheese. Yum!! I could seriously eat this every. single. day.

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats


kelsey @ so much life to live said...

What a fun thing to do! The mango butter sounds delicious! What will you put it on? It seems like it would be great in some sort of a rice/tofu stir fry!

maepress said...

That is such a great idea! I hadn't thought about cooking with it. This morning I had it on an english muffin with banana slices and it was heavenly

melodyfairitale said...

I say this to everyone who has a chance to participate in those swaps, but they are so cool and i wish we had this in Europe too!
I can imagine using mango butter as a jam,it must be delicious just because it's from mango! Kashi squares sound nice too, well actually everything does!

maepress said...

well, there is a UK swap. And the woman who runs the swap, Cat says that if you'd like to start one in your country to let her know!

Eating 4 Balance said...

That kale salad looks amazing! And the mango butter sounds cool. I would never have thought of cooking with it!

jessielovestorun said...

What a fun idea!! Also, your kale salad looks delicious!


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