Sunday night: weekend recap

It's a peaceful Sunday night. This weekend was full of the most perfect fall weather. Crisp and sunny, cold enough for a cute scarf and boots. Had a great weekend, Friday night I hit a yoga class at the studio that I frequent - Shine. Turned out I was the only one who showed up for class - don't you just love that? (not - I being the shy person I am, that's pretty much anxiety inducing torture for me). But I stuck it out and actually ended up having a really great, really challenging class. Afterwards Skater Girl and I watched Frankenweenie. So much fun - LOVE Tim Burton!

On Saturday we had a lazy morning lounging around in bed, and finally got up to go to the farmer's market. Came home, did some more yard work, reading, putzing and watching Project Runway (I can't believe Sanjia is out! what?)

We had plans to hit a fall fire pit party at our neighbor's house, so I baked up a couple dozen apple cinnamon donuts and we headed over.

I left the party a little early to meet some girlfriends out for a Django Rienhardt jam at one of my favorite local restaurants Decca. The music was fantastic!

Was a bit slow to get up this morning, but it was perfect, I got to read in bed while the Oak Man made kale and scrambled eggs, and sausage biscuits (veggie for me, meat for him and SG). Then we built a little fire in our yard, hung out with the neighbor for a bit. Headed out to a birthday party in the park - while SG was at the party Oak man and I ducked out for a quick community yoga class in the art gallery at 21C.  I just love it when we get to take class together! Then we hung out with friends in the park for a few more hours. Came home, cooked up a big pot of chili and now I'm chillin' on the couch. Seriously a great weekend, pretty much perfect!

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