Our DC trip

Day one of our DC trip we had our flight cancelled, so day one actually started on day two. We finally got off the ground though...

We were met at the airport by my best friend who recently moved up to DC - and who also very conveniently happens to be Skater Girl's best friend's mom. We went back to their place in Takoma Park and picked skater girl's friend up from school. Then we all took the metro down to DC and went to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum! So much fun to be had.

Here's the girls on the Metro 

Skater Girl having fun at Taft's expense
Me and my homey Fidel
 After that we took a quick run through the Smithsonian, to see the art of the video game exhibit before it was gone. And then it was a metro ride back to our friend's house for some great food (which I'll be posting about on Wednesday of course!) and getting to play with the two cutest pups. 

King Meeko

And Bandit

Okay - I'll post about day two of our trip tomorrow, and all the awesome food on Wednesday!

Update on the yoga front - Since today is the first day of my thirty minutes a day for 31 days challenge, I was up with the sun and did some yoga before breakfast on our last day in DC. It was great, and I think it helped me stay cheerful and focused during all of this travel today. I sincerely feel like yoga is an antidepressant.  

I'm home now, and tomorrow I plan to use the last day of my fall break to  start brainstorming of some fun yoga related craft projects to work on this month. I'm really excited about getting back into the habit, and getting our yoga room all tricked out for the winter. I'm thinking that I'm going to come up with some great 30 minute routines and post them here as well!

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