my month of yoga

I'm loving fall right now! This is our street.

Yoga update - my 30 minutes a day for 31 days challenge is still going strong... but, last week was really, really hard. I had been concerned that my moon time would cause my practice to become more difficult to maintain, and I was right. Unfortunately, I missed a couple of days last week. however, I did get to have a couple new and wonderful experiences that also served to enhance my practice, so not all bad!

On Monday, I started out strong with a vinyasa practice with my favorite instructor. She just got back from a long trip to Bali, so everyone in the class was very happy to be there, and happy to have her back. It was a great class, she challenged us both mentally and physically and pushed everyone to their limits, which is why we all love her so.

Immediately following the vinyasa class, I stayed on for the New Moon women's circle. They do this each month at Shine, and this is the third one I've been to. Each month it's slightly different, but every time I go I leave feeling freer, lighter and with a renewed sense of purpose. It's always a super powerful experience.

The next day, I was just too worn out to do anything, as I mentioned above, I was totally hormonal, and it usually hits me like a ton of bricks. This month was no exception.

On Thursday the climbers started to show up from out of town. Our yard became a tent village!

Wednesday I managed to make it out to another class. Thursday was a miss again. On Friday though, I had another treat - I had scheduled a Thai yoga massage. If you have never had one, I would STRONGLY recommend it. I am going to start including them as part of maintaining my general health, it was mind-blowingly awesome.

We had a tree-climbing competition here saturday and sunday. What that generally means is being very busy, having lots of house guests and late nights and a LOT of fun. So, unfortunately no yoga on Saturday. On Sunday though, we had all these people camping out in our yard. I made a huge breakfast for everyone, and then all afternoon we lounged around in the sun and watched folks climb the trees in the yard. And at one point the Oak Man led an outdoor yoga mini-class!

yoga class in the yard

climbing and yoga - so much fun

a climber in our awesome pecan

Skater girl getting her climb on!

So all-in-all, although it was spotty, with the new moon ceremony, the thai massage and the sunny outdoor yoga, I still feel like this busy week was a big success as far as my yoga challenge goes!

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