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Our first evening in DC, we went to a really terrific vegetarian restaurant called Mark's Kitchen. I could easily eat there everyday. The menu was huge and everything looked soooo good. I finally settled on tofu patties w/ spinach, red pepper, spring onion & shiitake mushroom mixed together & served over brown rice w/ a raspberry soy sauce & greens on top & string beans & sweet potatoes on the side. I also got a fresh juice, carrot, apple and cucumber. Skater girl got an orange mango and thought it was very good too.

Melinda got the bimibap, which I almost got. It was all so good!

The next morning I got to relax with some really good coffee, cereal and almond milk. They have the loveliest breakfast nook with a huge window perfect for sipping and birdwatching

That day as you know we went to Eastern Market for lunch,  the high point was finding the mini donut maker!

We also went to a couple parties that evening and had an amazing chocolate mousse cake - there were 40 candles on this baby!

The next day Melinda and I walked down to Willow Street Yoga for an amazing core class, and then afterwards we wandered down to the Takoma farmer's market - have I mentioned how much I LOVE this neighborhood?!

This was AMAZING

Asian pears were a big hit!

For dinner that night we had a scrumptious homemade veggie lasagna with fresh rosemary bread that I got at the farmer's market. And some more Asian pears with a sharp cheese I also got that morning.

Melinda was getting into arranging the food for pictures, maybe she will start her own blog!

And that's my recap of DC eats! We had a great time. Thanks so much to my friends Ben and Melinda for putting us up and showing us around. Can't wait to see you again in December!

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Julie said...

I just went apple picking, got fresh cider, apple loaf... but didn't get apple donuts. :(


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