Happy What I Ate Wednesday! (local love edition)

It's that time of the week again, where I upload all sorts of pictures of what I've been eating this week. Thanks again to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for keeping this going!

This month's theme is

And I've definitely got some treats!

I'm excited to share today because Sunday night the hubs and I had invitations to a dinner that was a foodie paradise! The dinner was to raise money for the Food Literacy Project, an awesome program that gets kids to think about where there food comes from, and inspires them to grow their own and eat healthier! The theme of dinner was farm to table, and the menu featured 5 courses, each one featuring a different farm! The entire menu was locally sourced and organic. It was absolutely amazing! I have pictures, but unfortunately since I was in a dark restaurant, they don't really do the food justice. But here they are!

First course:
Split pea ravioli with Fielder Family Farms consumme.

Second course:
Grateful Greens mixed greens with candied pumpkin seeds, butternut squash and Capriole goat cheese. I adore Capriole goat cheese. I try to go out to their farm once a year. 
(wine for these two courses was Horseshoe Bend Traminette)

Third course:
House made ricotta Gnocci with Grasshopper's wilted greens
(wine was Horseshoe Bend Reisling)

Fourth course:
Roots Tofu with Foxhollow Farms greens, hoppin john and apple bourbon BBQ sauce. I had the tofu - the Oak Man had the Grilled beef. So excited to eat locally made tofu!! It was fantastic. We were seated at a table with a few of the Foxhollow Farmers, it was a fun crowd!
(wine was Horseshoe Bend malbec)

Fifth course:
Sweet potato casserole ice cream made by the Comfy Cow with Burton's maplewood farm maple cake and bourbon maple cream anglaise. This was seriously a-maze-ing!!

And last but not least - this week we also had a dinner party. As a dessert, I happened to have some Trader Joe's frozen puff pastry in the freezer. I took it out, thawed for a few minutes, sliced some apples and tossed them with some brown sugar and cinnamon. Then I laid them out on the pastry, and cooked it for about 10 minutes on 415. What emerged was an absolutely delicious treat, that was quite possibly the easiest dessert I've ever made!!


jessielovestorun said...

Oh my heavens, each meal looks better than the last. I could so go for your third entree though!

Eating 4 Balance said...

That pastry + apples looks really good! Where'd you get that idea from? It looks professional :)

maepress said...

it was truly just inspirational! and one of those situations where it looks so hard, but is sooooo easy!


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