Day 2 of DC

Our second day in DC was busy and the weather was amazing. We took another Metro ride down to the Library of Congress. Skater Girl being the huge bibliophile that she is was really excited to see it.

Outside Union Station

we saw an albino squirrel!

The Supreme Court. The funny thing was the screen hanging over it while they were doing construction looked just like the actual building. What you are seeing here is fake!

Holding up the giant library!

Skater girl really takes amazing pictures. This is the ceiling of the LOC

Peering over the edge, repeating arches.

This building is just breathtaking.

After visiting the our capital's famous buildings, we headed down to Eastern Market for some lunch.

Me and Melinda, the older generation

Skater Girl and Elyse - the younger generation!

Following our fun in DC, we headed back to Takoma park for not one, but two parties! It was a tiring but awesome day. Stay tuned until tomorrow to see our fun food adventures!


Yoga update!
Day 2 - was up at 6:30am this morning, put on some music and had a lovely practice. After a few minutes, Oak Man came in and joined me. It was so nice. Then after another few minutes, Skater Girl came in saying "I heard the music and was wondering what it was, then I realized it was my yogi parents!" She then went and read a book on the couch :)

Finished up, had a cup of tea and took her to school. The rest of the day I've been working on getting the yoga room a little more organized and cleaned up. It's been a nice last day of vacation. Too bad I have to go to work tomorrow, but at least it's a short week!

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