4 Simple Goals: Update

Earlier in the fall I posted about a mini challenge posted by A Beautiful Mess- to come up with four simple goals to accomplish before 2013. Here are mine again.

So, how's it coming along?

1. Volunteer more: As a requirement of my work, I have to serve on a few committees with the college. One of the committees I chose to serve on this semester was the Women's Issues Network. And one of the first orders of business was to host a Love your Body Day on my campus. I work at a small satellite branch of my college, so bringing the event out to our campus was really exciting. It was a way to start a dialog for the students about the influence of the media on how you feel about your body, to help students stay informed about health options and what a healthy relationship looks like, and to feel involved with the campus as a whole. It was a really great day. Not the end of my volunteering duties by a long shot, but a good start.

2. Try out a new exercise: I've been busy working through my month of yoga, so I haven't tried anything new yet, but there's something in the works!

3. Purge craft supplies:  This is a big one, and let me tell you, I made a big dent in it this past weekend! I bagged up two garbage bags of old supplies for the Thrift Store, one bag for the landfill, and organized my fabrics. Almost ready for holiday crafting, just a few more things to do!

4. Read books on the shelf: Right now I'm working on one - She Came to Stay by Simone De Beauvior.  This is actually a book I read a long time ago, and I have been thinking lately it would be fun to read to see if or how my opinions have changed on some of the topics she discusses. Maybe I'll do a Friday book Review when I'm finished!

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