What I ate Wednesday

(what I hope will be the first of several!)

I decided to join up with the bloggers over at Peas and Carrots and post for What I Ate Wednesday. It is just a chance to share some tasty eats, and spy on what others are eating too.

The theme for this month is fall into good habits. I'm trying to eat healthier right now, so this theme is perfect. Today I'm trying to eat some "superfoods" like blueberries, chia seeds, kale, and almonds.

So, here's the food (and accompanying soundtrack)

I started the day bright and early with a bowl of blueberry vanilla overnight oats, and a cup of black coffee.

Brett Dennen - Sydney

At my desk for lunch, I enjoyed a kale salad, with carrots, tomatoes, pepitas, and trader joe's baked tofu. It's seasoned with some olive oil, lemon juice and a sprinkling of red pepper flakes.

Adem - Loro

For a snack a little bowl of nuts and dried cranberries. 

And for dinner I made an Indian Feast. I'm not ashamed to say that it all (except the rice and naan) came from the frozen section at Trader Joe's. Sometime a busy gal's gotta use the microwave to make dinner! I made (reheated) the palak paneer, the chana masala, the veggie pakoras and for the kiddo and hubs, some chicken tikka masala. I also made some jasmine rice and we had some garlic naan. It was really delicious. We were drinking san pelligrino limonatas.

Django Reinhart - The Sheik of Araby

And that's it for me! I look forward to seeing what folks are eating today.


caloricandcrazy said...

aren't overnight oats the best?! The mixed nuts bowl looks delish as well ^^

jessielovestorun said...

What great meals, and such beautiful pictures!


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