Thrifty Finds

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday morning is to head down the street to a little shop called Tickled Pink. It's a vintage store that is a three story bright pink house packed to bursting with all manner of knick knacks and funky things.  I can never walk out of there empty handed. It's dirt cheap too, so I never feel bad about it. Sundays they are open bright and early and there's always tons of folks wandering around. It almost has the feel of a party! Here were my fun finds today:

A very sweet little stoneware jar. Probably originally for sake, but I'll be using it for a bud vase.

The Oak Man asked that I try to find a little crock of some sort for his tweezers and things. I think I did a good job on this one! It was so fun to have an actual request. Usually he is not that excited about my thrifting.

And finally, a necklace the most beautiful shade of sky blue. I've been spotting all kinds of chunky necklaces on Pinterest, and for $2, I couldn't pass this one up!

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