hope for the future

It just occured to me as I was perusing the website of tavi gevinson, that I have a lot of hope for the future of our nation's young ladies. I think that teenage girls right now have so many opportunities, and not only that, but they seem aware of it. They seem to me to be both embracing their abilities, whether it's smarts, sports or just cuteness, and they seem a lot less likely to pigeonhole themselves into any category. They seem to have a confidence that I always associated more with boys in the past.

I believe that the feminine energy in the world is catching up. I believe that the balance is shifting.

Right now, in one of my classes I have about 75% high school students. They are part of a special program that allows them to get an associates degree by the time they graduate high school. These kids excel in math and science, but overall I'm just struck by their curiosity. Their eagerness to learn. And their respectfulness. They are an exciting group to work with. There's just as many girls as boys and the girls are currently pounding the boys in gpa.

I've also had the opportunity to interact with two very special young women the past couple of weeks. I mentioned before that we were hosting some exchange students. They were each high school students, and while their personalities were very different and they came from different backgrounds, they were both incredibly impressive in their ability to express themselves, their pride in their respective country's progress, and their generosity. It was such a joy to get to meet them.

These are our future leaders. Right now, I feel pretty damn good about them.

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