Friday Book Review: The Night Circus

Every once in awhile you will have the joy of reading a book that is so good that you don't want it to end. You might find yourself taking your time, and savoring it like an excellent piece of dark chocolate. That's how I felt reading The Night Circus. The imagery was so evocative, the characters each were so interesting, and the story line meandering and dreamlike, to read this book was to feel like you were transported away. 

I have read that Ms. Morgenstern originally had written the book as a series of small vignettes or snapshots, and that is still apparent in the fact that the story seems to be told through a number of charming images. This is an incredibly visual book. I want to live in it! 

The story takes place at the turn of the century, in several different locations around the world. The basic plot is that there has been a decades long battle between two magicians who are pitting their students against one another. The night circus (le cirque des reves) is their newest battleground. But the story seems so much more than just the circus and the magic, the stories of the other members draw you in just as well; The redheaded twins who were born when the circus began, and train kittens to do tricks. The mysterious tattooed contortionist who seems to know more than she tells. The elegant grande dame who designs costumes for the circus, the aged clockmaker who becomes obsessed with the circus and creates a circle of followers who call themselves les reveurs (the dreamers). The lost fortune teller, who has more power than she knows... an on and on. There are so many interesting characters, and they are all intertwined into this beautiful story of love and death and magic.

If you haven't read it, it would be a great book to read now, as we head into fall and get closer to Halloween!

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