Trying it out

Good Morning!
So, here's my first attempt at posting a photo that I took on my new phone. This is Skater Girl, contemplating a pistachio. It's all instagramed out of course. And I transfered the file via Dropbox, which seemed pretty easy, and should work okay for this purpose. I'm still a little behind using the iCloud - and I've actually read anyway that Dropbox still beats iCloud. My one gripe is just that it's difficult to have two Dropbox accounts on the same computer. My hubs uses it too. I'm hoping the workaround will be to just access the folder over the internet when I'm on our shared computer.

Anyone ever try to do this? Anyone have other suggestions for posting photos from your phone? So far, I'm loving it! I'm looking forward to trying out some other photo apps. Of course, I should be working right now, so I'll get back to that. But I was too excited to try it out to wait until after work. :)

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