Terrairum time

I have been making some terrariums to sell at my friend Casey's shop, Consider Boutique. Her shop is totally beautiful, full of handmade goodies, mostly by local artists.  If you are in the area be sure to stop by!

I finally had the opportunity to snap some shots of the terrariums I've been working on. It has definately been a work in progress. Some things I found out are;

1. Moss is good. (and free, if you have some in your yard or can go hiking and snag some)
2. Plants are harder. Finding the right combination of sun and moisture can be very difficult.
3. I really enjoy making these! I have some fun ideas for more. Hopefully I can sell a few and spend the money on more terrarium making supplies!

 #1 - this one has little larch pine cones and crystals

 #2 More crystals and dried crepe myrtle flowers

 #3 Fun pebble formation and a slice of geode

 #4 Many different kinds of moss in this one - and lichen too

 another view of #4

 the big one #5 (this one is staying with us!)

Inside #5 - casey made the mushroom

 another view of #5

and lastly,  a closeup view of the adventures of skater girl's terrarium. seems like a story in there...

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