Round up of things

So here's what's been going on around my world lately.

Skater girl started 4th grade. She's very happy to be able to use notebooks and supplies that have DESIGNS on them - this will be the first year for that! 

The Oak man returned from a trip to Portland that I sadly could not attend... but I hear he had a great time riding around the city on a bike, taking yoga at yoga bhoga and generally enjoying the cool city. Hopefully next time I can go! he brought us back many fun gifts like this adorable tote for SG

The reason I couldn't go is because last week I started teaching!  This is my second year as a full-time prof, but first year as only a prof, and not a prof/grad student. So, yay for that! What I'm realizing is that I finally have free time for the first time in ages.  I'm getting very excited to start crafting again. I've made some terrariums to sell at my friend's shop. And I'm perusing knitting patterns and dreaming of fall...

larch cardigan

I apologize as usual for the sad lack of pictures. (of things that I didn't download that is)
I did just find out though that I will soon become the owner of an iphone, so I imagine this blog will become much more interesting, as I'll actually have time to make things again, and I'll be able to take pictures of them! wow, bringing myself back up to the 21st century right?

Getting out of grad school really makes you realize that you've been living under a rock.

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