Friday Book Review

Glaciers by Alexis M. Smith

I heard a review of this on npr the other day and immediately requested it at the library. This is such a lovely little gift of a book. Even the experience of reading the book is nice, since the typeface is small and the margins are large - it almost feels like you're reading an old book that was found in a dusty shop.

This is appropriate since the main character of this book lives surrounded by things of the past. The story of one day in the life of Isabelle is told in a dreamy way. She goes about her day thoughtfully and quietly. Small things happen, her work as a repairer of books, she visits a vintage store, has tea with a companion. But each event of the day is strung together like beads on a necklace with the end result a dreamy snapshot of the life of a girl who lives in dreamy snapshots.

This is a slim novel that's best enjoyed little sips at a time, with a cup of tea.
I loved this book and I will likely read it many times in the future.

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