tea and calm (sorta)

For the past week I've been forgoing my morning cup o' joe for some green tea. It's been a nice change of pace. I have found that I feel much more mellow. This is all relative though, since my life right now is really nothing but mellow! Tea is fun to get a little obsessed with I've also noticed. There's so many different kinds and types for each mood. In the evenings, while sitting by the fire I can drink this warm and spicy, Dream by the Fire Tea

And in the morning when I need a little energy, the past few days I've been drinking Chop Wood, Carry Water tea (isn't that just a great name for a morning beverage?)I like to throw in some dried rose hips for tartness and Vitamin C

I even bought a cute little glass tumbler to take my tea to work with me in the morning. It doubles nicely as a water bottle when I'm not increasing my tea habit.

Another thing that goes nicely with my new habit is watching episodes of Downton Abbey. Nothing like British drama to go with your evening cup!

My goodness, letter writing, tea drinking, masterpiece theatre - I'm being quite the sophisticate this February! lest you think I am becoming too serious, here's a tea related video that is both very silly and very funny.


Anonymous said...

You may want to try Matcha tea...oh boy...it's wonderful and for me a lot more satisfying than most teas :) Monks supposedly drink it in Japan to stay alert, yet serene during meditation :)

Coupons said...

Tea has always been a part in everyday life. Watching television with tea cup in hands adds a good flavour to tea.


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