Sunday pursuits

This Sunday evening finds me very comfortably tired from working all day on fixing up our upstairs. Until now, it has been a pretty haphazard tumble of boxes and things thrown randomly about. The story is that we bought a rambling fixer-upper, and our small family has been fine only needing the ground floor thus far. We enjoy having the storage upstairs but just haven't had the time yet to venture up there.

But today! I spend the whole day unpacking the last few boxes, vacuuming and scrubbing floors, hanging pictures, and setting up my new sewing room - which I am very excited about. The upstairs is a strange place. The ground floor of our house is early 1900s. Incredibly high ceilings, large picture windows, muted colors and strange nooks and crannies... but the upstairs is straight out of the 1970s. Wood paneling, tacky ceiling tiles, the roof slopes at all sorts of strange angles. But the really beautiful thing about the upstairs is that since it is just extra space - we can totally just play with it! For now, since we have no money to remodel just yet, we are going to embrace the retro feel, and just go with it. It will be mostly for guests, for me to escape to for creative pursuits, and for SG to play in when she gets tired of her room.

I've really given up all hope of ever finding my little point and shoot camera again though, so maybe tomorrow I can try to take some photos with the Oak Man's complicated camera and attempt to post them. I'm really looking forward to thrifting some cool furniture and making it cozy up there. Today was great fun!

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