It's 2012 folks. Although I feel literally no motivations today - I'm going to make a few resolutions right now. They are in order of importance.

I resolve to graduate this year.
I resolve to get back in shape.
I resolve to learn how to use power tools.
I resolve to make serious strides towards tenure.

Right now, this list makes me want to burst into tears. I feel overwhelmed by the first one. I'm not sure that I can do it. But I have no choice. Right now, I feel pretty hopeless. I hate to say that on this day that is supposed to be a day for new beginnings, and happiness. But honestly, whether it's just sadness from the holidays being over, or if it's just feeling overwhelmed by the beginning of the semester, I am not feeling great. But I will do what I always do. Which is to take a deep breath, and press on. Regardless. Eventually that will give way to a plan, which will give way to work, which will eventually become the reaching of goals.

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