getting back to it

Okay - so sorry for that sad post yesterday! I was feeling low I think due to the extreme weather change. Sunny and 60 degrees in south carolina, to deep gray and 30 degrees in KY? I challenge anyone not to be depressed.

But this morning, I got up at 6:30, exercised, ate a healthy breakfast of yogurt and muesli, and got the kiddo off to school. She and I even had a few moments to enjoy reading by the fire before heading out into the (now 16 degree) morning! It was an excellent start. I will happily endure the freezing cold as long as the sun is shining, and it's supposed to all week!

I've gotten back into my office and I am happily organizing and getting caught up on things. I have broken down my large to do list into manageable little tasks, and have finished two so far. I also had to change my desktop wallpaper of course, since it is a new year and all. If you would like to freshen up your computer, take a look at this one!

via shanna murray

I am also plotting a sewing project. I need a new lunch sack. I have very picky specifications about this. First of all, it must be cute. Then, it should have a handle. Finally, I'd really like for it to fold up. I used to have this lunch bag from whole foods that folded up nicely, but the fabric was hideous. And it fell apart. (after about a year of heavy use, not too bad really) So it would also be nice if it was sturdy. whether or not it is insulated or can wipe clean is less important. I don't mind generally throwing my lunch bags in the wash. I've made a couple cute ones over the years. It's high time for a new one!

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