Wow! That week flew by! And then we squeezed about as much into one weekend as humanly possible. The upside, we now have a Christmas tree (our first), SG's room is fully finished, the rental house is on it's way to being finished, SG's dance performance was a success, we got to go roller skating, and the cupboards are bare. The downside? Did not do laundry, did not clean kitchen floor (which is getting really bad - we've had a LOT of rain lately), did not vacuum, did not clean bathrooms. And the really bad part is we have dinner guests tonight. Eep! Somehow I have to dash out of my office after I give my last final of the day and get to grocery store, then zoom home - make dinner for eight and somehow get the house looking less like a dirt bomb just went off in it.

So this brings us to week 2 of supermarket showdown!

This week, since I am a bit pressed for time (ahem) - I will be going to my old standby - Valu Market. I know where everything is, I know it's all there and I can get in and out in thirty minutes. Plus, it's pretty close to my house. (Trader Joe's, unfortunately, isn't)

I was going to try to post some photos and recipes, and this week I hope to actually do this. Admittedly, last week I didn't manage to cook everything on the menu, but for the most part it worked out well. Dinner gave me trouble, lunch and breakfast went great. I had failed to realize that most of my dinners involved roasting, which takes about an hour usually. This is hard to do when two nights out of the week I don't get home until 7:30pm. However, I am writing this at my desk - where I'm eating a lunch of leftover curried delicata squash, potatoes and tofu. This recipe came from the book Super Natural Everyday - and it is quite delicious!

Tonight, since it is rainy and cold, I plan to make lentil soup, served with some good local crusty bread from Blue Dog Bakery and some of Kenny's local cheese. (and I'm able to do this folks, because they have a lot of local stuff at Valu Market - more discussion on that tomorrow though) I'm also participating in a cookie swap tomorrow night, so I'm planning on making some bourbon balls too. They seem relatively quick, and in Kentucky you can't go wrong with bourbon! Plus, since neither my husband or I drink it, we need to find a way to use up the bottles we are inevitably gifted. That's all for now! Hope everyone has a great Monday!


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life is no good without amazing crusty bread! ;) xo

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