Top ten local foodie favorites

In the spirit of my discussion of supporting local business, I thought I'd post my top 10 favorites in the food category. If you are a local and you haven't tried some of these, I urge you to! If you are not local and would still like to try them, a lot of these products can be ordered online - just fyi. :)

#1 Come Back Inn Spaghetti sauce

I love this sauce so much! I was really excited to find that they had started making it in batches and selling it, though the only place I've seen it is at Valu Market. Louisville doesn't have a great Italian food scene, but the Come Back Inn is very, very good. It's a friendly little neighborhood place. Perfect comfort food.

#2 Ale8-1 ("a late one")

This is a funny local cola. It's basically a caffeinated ginger ale. It was invented in 1926, and is the only soda invented in KY. There's some local lore that the guy who invented it was a little off his rocker, but I'm not sure if that's true. As far as I know, this is the only soda bottled at the plant.

#3 Sunergos Coffee

This is a local coffee shop and the guys roast their own beans. In my personal opinion, they have the best coffee in town. Plus they are super knowledgeable. Plus their two shops are cool and cozy (and one is walking distance from my house - bonus!). And finally, they are staffed almost entirely by cute hipster guys, which doesn't hurt at all. (one of them is quoted as saying, "it's like hooters for women")

#4 Blue Dog Bakery

I mentioned this bakery before. Their bread is the stuff of fantasies (if you are the kind of persona who fantasizes about bread). I have never attempted to make my own bread, and as long as these guys are in business, I doubt I will. Plus, the ambiance at their shop is wonderfully francophile, romantic-comedy - esque. I love to sip an espresso and eat a pastry there on a cold rainy day.

#5 Lotsa Pasta

Lotsa Pasta is actually a small gourmet grocery store. But they make pasta in-house, and my daughter is addicted to their spinach tortellini. You can find their products in many stores around town.

#6 Kenny's Cheese

A local cheese farm, Kenny's has some of the best flavors of hard cheeses. The one pictured above is their Cumin gouda. Soooooooo gooooooood. It's cheeses like this that make it so hard to eat vegan!

#7 Cellar Door Chocolates

This is a tiny local chocolatier. She makes truffle flavors like cayenne pepper, or stout - and they are really good. Her rich confections can be found at her shop in Butchertown or at Greenhaus.

#8 BBC Brewery

Bluegrass Brewing Company is a local brewery. I'm not much of a beer drinker myself, but I think that of the local breweries, this one is my favorite. I enjoy their mead too.

#9 Bourbon Barrel Foods

I mentioned these guys in the last post. Their small batch soy sauce is super good, as well as their teriyaki sauce - Kentuckyaki. I also gifted some of their bourbon barrel smoked salt to my parents last year, and they loved it as a rub on fish and meats.

#10 The Comfy Cow

Finally, my daughter would be disappointed if I didn't mention the Comfy Cow. It is her favorite ice cream shop. They make all their flavors in house and feature a different "foodie flavor" each week. I've even heard they are going to make a moonshine flavored ice cream, but I'm not really sure how that would work. Anyway, if you like ice cream, this is the best place in town. The now have something like four locations, maybe more. It also doesn't hurt that the decor at each of their locations is adorable.

What are your favorites? Did I leave anyone out?

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