Supermarket Showdown: Part 1 of a series

Recently, our lovely fair city received a much anticipated gift

A Trader Joe's

I'd only been to Trader Joe's once ages ago at a tiny one in Boston. But I'd heard so much buzz for so many months - that I was just dying of curiosity. Well, I wasn't disappointed, I must say - what a fun store. However, as I was wandering the isles, I began to wonder two things. One, is TJ's actually cheaper, or are their products just smaller? Everything seems so cute in there, which is of course part of it's appeal. The second thing I wondered was whether it would be cheaper than our awesome local market. We are fortunate to have a local grocery chain that tries very hard to stock local goods and plenty of healthy alternatives. The one disappointment with shopping at Trader Joe's would be having to give up so many great local things.

Let me state for the record, I am a one-stop shopping kind of gal. I do not have the time or patience to go to three different stores to stock up on groceries! I shop about once a week currently, and I spend between 75-150 dollars depending on what we need. (for example, if I'm out of maple syrup, laundry detergent and coffee, groceries will be more expensive that week!)

Also, our grocery stores can't sell wine, which cuts down a bit on the money spent. :)

All of this pondering got me thinking of a fun blog project. So for the first three weeks of December I am going to engage in the supermarket showdown! This is what it will involve:

1. I will create a menu of five days worth of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

2. Using this menu, I will then create a grocery list.

3. Each week, I'll go to a different grocery store, and buy the same list. The stores in question are
Trader Joe's
Whole Foods
Valu Market

4. The point of this will be to compare the stores. I will be looking at three different variables:
* price, of course
* the amount of local goods
* the quality of the goods (ie, organic or tastiness)

I'm pretty excited to take this challenge! Granted, it means that I and my family will be eating the same meals three weeks in a row, but I bet I'll be the only one who notices. This challenge will start next week. (after thanksgiving) The menu will consist of yummy vegetarian recipes that I'll share with everyone soon.

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yepindeed said...

Woohoo! I love love love having the Trader Joe's! I love this supermarket showdown idea, I'm a little obsessed with grocery shopping and unfortunately find myself going to a million different stores to get everything i like...

Got you up on my "kentuckiana by blog" page: http://yepindeed.wordpress.com/kentuckiana-by-blog/

Thanks for linking up!


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