Here's a list I've created of some typical meals that will eventually make up my menu for the week.

Skater Girl and I always eat breakfast, usually nothing fancy - cold cereal, nut butter toast for me, and some fruit. Oak Man does not like to eat until lunchtime. I wish that he would, but what are you going to do?

I also always pack lunch for SG and I. She is not a vegetarian, so her lunch usually includes a turkey and cheese or ham and cheese sandwich (she hates peanut butter!), and some fruits or veggies. Often I'll just eat leftovers from dinner the night before, or soup and a salad. SG always likes to have a little something fun in there for sharing or trading with friends. I know that fruit snacks are a high commodity, but I try to stay away from them if I can! Lately she's just been taking a piece of leftover Halloween candy.


* Granola

* Yogurt

* Rice milk

* Fruit (mostly apples and bananas)

* Toast with nut butter

* Vegan muffins


* Box soup

* Hummus and veg

* Chickpea salad

* Sandwiches for N. (usually turkey and cheese)

* Falafel chips & pirates booty

* Wraps

* Salad greens


* Veggie and tofu stir fry w/ rice

* Lentil soup w/ biscuits

* Fried potatoes, kale and fried egg

* Roasted eggplant and tempe

* Roast squash and veggies w/ quinoa


* Mochi

* Newman o’s

* Dark chocolate

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