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Good news, our living situation is beginning to improve finally. We have officially moved into the new place. There are some minor snags like we don't have heat, and many of our things are still in storage, and we don't technically own the house yet. But things are moving along. I'm wearing a sweater today that I haven't seen in many months, and we ate pomegranate salad and baked mac n' cheese for dinner last night! This morning, as SG and I left the house, pink sunrise streaming over our new massive yard I was so thrilled. So many projects and fun things to think about. Our new property is one acre, with a "big house" and a "little house". The little house we will be renting out as soon as we get it fixed up. That shouldn't take too long, because thankfully we'll just be hiring folks to do it. The nice thing is that the rent will offset the cost of the mortgage and repairs to the big house considerably. As soon as we close on the whole deal, we will get started on that. For the fall and winter, our big goals are to get a wood stove, paint the interior of our house, and to haul away a lot of junk and trees from the yard. That way in the spring we'll have a big open space for creating a hardscape and beds. I'm so excited for that. But winter will be mostly about getting settled into the house. Staying cozy. And having lots of people over! Our old place was so tiny, to have more than six people was quite a crowd. But this new house has so much space. Can't wait to share it!

just for some blog fodder and a photo, I made a delicious massaged kale salad the other night. Trying to get caught up on my veggies!!

Photo from 101 cookbooks

simple massaged kale salad

kale, chopped and de-stemmed
olive oil
sea salt

Massage the kale with the salt an olive oil. This helps break the kale down a bit and wilt it, so it's not so hard to eat.
*bonus - it's great for the skin on your hands! salt exfoliates, and oil moisturizes

then you can add what you like. I like mine guacamole inspired so I add some diced avocado, lime juice, red onion and red pepper flakes. But there are so many options. Here's an awesome post on kale salads.
fully loaded kale salad

I am going to eat some variation of this everyday. Kale is so good for you, and it feels so great to eat fresh raw foods after those weeks of eating out all the time!

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Y is for Yogini said...

so so so glad to hear that things are getting better. ;) sending love. xo!


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